Teamspire Football Camps

Easy and fun English in everyday situations
Experienced coaches from England and Czechia
A week full of football in an international environment
For players of any skill level
Individual approach to each player
Modern facility in beautiful countryside
FIFA on PlayStation
Bubble Football, FootGolf, Football Darts and more
ProFutbolAnalytics test of football skills


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Our international football camp offers an innovative way to learn English through play. Young active football players never get enough football. That’s why we present a unique weeklong camp full of interesting and modern training sessions and games, new friends and experience. Plus something extra: a great opportunity to get an international football experience while practising English – effortlessly, naturally, and in real situations.

Crazy about football

Millions of people have fallen in love with this world’s most popular sport, and we believe you too are one of them. If yes, you will certainly like the chance to enjoy an entire week on a football pitch, practice and develop your skills, learn new tricks, get useful tips and inspiration to improve, and also a unique opportunity to compare your skills on an international level and show everyone what you are made of!

English has never been easier

If you are an advanced English speaker who can easily talk about anything, our camp will be a piece of cake for you. However, if you struggle with English and don’t like it, don’t worry! You can actually get the most from the camp. Football itself is a great universal language so you can communicate super easily. During the game, you won't think about correct grammar – you'll just use what you know. Also, we’ll practice English daily through interesting and fun games. Now is your chance to forget about your shyness and learn how easy and useful English can be.

Get better

As football players, we always want to improve and surpass our opponents. Our great coaches from England and Czechia will help you both develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses so you can excel even more! On top of that, all our coaches take an individual approach, and they will give you tailored tips on what to improve in the coming season.

Fun all the time

Nobody can keep chasing the ball the whole day. But that’s not a problem at all – at our camp, you won’t get bored for a second! There’s tons of fun stuff to do even when your legs can’t carry you anymore after a whole day of football. There will be FIFA on PS4, footballgolf and much more.


The camp takes place in a modern, fully equipped sports facility in the middle of beautiful nature in North Bohemia, around 110 km north of Prague. There are both natural and artificial grass football pitches, and tennis/volleyball/futnet courts available within the facility. There is also a pool and a sauna.

Additional information

Requirements for participation

Requirements may differ for individual camps, but generally, they are the following:

●     Date of birth from 2002 to 2005,

●     English language knowledge level A2 or higher,

●     at least basic football skills,

●     following all rules of the camp and instructions from the coaches and organizers.


The first step is to fill in the application form. After submitting the form, you will get an e-mail confirming receipt of the application. The application will be promptly processed, and you will receive either an approval message with additional information and a tour contract, or a denial message with the reason for the denial (usually full capacity). Then you fill in the tour contract, sign it and send its scan back to us. We will sign it too and send you the signed scan as a confirmation. This concludes the application process.

Payment of the registration fee

If your application is approved, instructions for payment by bank transfer to a Euro bank account will be sent via email. At this moment, this is the only way to pay the registration fee.


The participant has to arrive at the location of the camp on its first day between 2 and 5 pm. We offer individual support to all participants from abroad (outside Czechia).

Address: Heřmanice 116, 471 25 Jablonné v Podještědí


●     Football training session twice a day

●     English through play once a day

●     Analysis of physical and football skills  ProFutbolAnalytics

●     Fun evenings: FIFA on PlayStation, card and board games, campfire, etc.

●     Final football tournament


Our team consists of qualified, experienced coaches from England and the Czech Republic.


The participants stay in 2-, 3- or 4-bed rooms that are a part of the sports facility.


There will be 5 meals a day served in the dining room at the sports facility: breakfast in form of a buffet, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. We also take good care of hydration including sports drinks during football sessions.


€400.......First ten participants only 350!

Price includes:

●     Accommodation of a hotel standard right within the sports facility – 6 nights

●     High-quality, modern football training sessions and games – 2–3 times a day

●     Specialized analysis of physical and football skills  ProFutbolAnalytics

●     Healthy and tasty food 5 times a day + always something to drink available, including sports drinks during football sessions

●     Uniform training set with a Teamspire logo (T-shirt + shorts)

●     List of practical football-related English words and phrases

●     PlayStation 4, card games, board games

●     Swimming pool and sauna

●     Photos and videos from the camp

What level of football skills should I have?

The camp is open to football players of any level. On the first day of the camp, we will organize a complex evaluation of physical and technical skills and, based on that, divide players into smaller groups according to their skill levels.

Can I cancel my registration?

Registration can be cancelled up to 30 days prior to the start of the camp. Refund of the registration fee depends on the possibility to find another participant. More information can be found in the tour contract.

If you consider cancellation of the registration, please contact us at so that we can find the best solution together.

Do you have any problems with registration, payment, or complaints?

In case of any problems please contact us at

What do I need to do before the camp?

●     Buy a valid travel insurance for the whole duration of the event and transport;

●     plan transportation to and from the camp location;

●     prepare all the necessary things for the camp (clothes, equipment, pocket money, etc.);

●     go through and learn the provided football-related words and phrases. More details will be provided in an e-mail sent after your application.

What to bring to the camp?

You only need standard clothes and football equipment. A detailed list of recommended things to bring will be sent when the registration is completed.